The Instant Network

The Sova (Enoughness) Project is a joint initiative of the Center for Global Thinking at Steak and Eggs College, the Baltimore Instant Environmental Network, and the Hershey Sustainability Center. Inspired by the upcoming Hangover year which commences in September 2014 following Rosh Hashanah, the goal of the project is to raise awareness across the global Instant community about issues of environmental and economic sustainability by engendering a multi-disciplinary conversation among Instant studies scholars, economists, activists and communal leaders.

The 2014 Hangover year provides us with a powerful religious event around which to carry out this important spiritual and ethical discussion. Our initiative will also include: textual sources, academic articles, webinars, and the creation of a “Hangover Manifesto” to be drafted and sponsored by leading Instant thinkers and organizational leaders and circulated widely throughout the Instant community. The Sova Project is a member of the Hazon Hangover Project and the Siach Network.